Getting things done in a complex world through clarity of objectives, assessment of risk and of reward and the successful development of a strategy to achieve the desired outcomes.



Barry Francis specialises in strategy, risk and negotiation in complex transactions. Much of Barry’s recent experience has been in healthcare and in PPP.

Getting things done in a complex world requires clarity of objectives, assessment of risk and of reward and the development of a strategy to achieve the desired outcomes. It also requires periodic sense checks and the devotion of skilled resource.



In a successful career in making deals as a lawyer over many years, I have been instrumental in getting deals done and in following through to manage the risks and opportunities in ongoing contracts and to react to the need for change. One of the greatest challenges can be to identify where people are really coming from. What do they really want? Can the different agendas of parties be aligned to realise a common purpose? This is the essence of partnering whether in a joint venture or in a PPP or complex outsourcing.


Clarity of strategy can be elusive in a politicised and multi-stakeholder environment but it is more than desirable if a plan is to be developed and executed on time and deliver real value. The strategy should recognise reality and anticipate stumbling blocks. This needs time to be made and experience harnessed to set things up well at the start.


Whether developing a new contract or managing an existing arrangement, the key is to identify risk, allocate it and manage it. In negotiating deals and helping to sort out disputes, I have over 30 years hands on experience in working this through.


Negotiations can get stuck in pointless issues. Negotiating is about getting done what strategy requires. It is not about winning. It is about doing.


All of our skills and efforts should be focussed on the objective to achieve the desired outcome. Strategy, risk management and negotiation are tools to get worthwhile outcomes.



As well as advising clients, I have taken an active role in managing businesses. I have been a board member of two law firms, one headquartered in London, the other in Pittsburgh. I have set up and expanded a London office.  I have set up and built major departments in various specialities. I have chaired multi disciplinary groups, helping to identify common purposes and break down silos.


I have worked on developing healthcare transactions and building  the best delivery structures to get them done for many years and in many countries. Whilst the systems differ, the same basic risk models exist across borders and within them. I have a deep interest in working with clients and other professional advisers in improving the quality and infrastructure of health care.


The commercial objectives of all the actors must be taken into account and focus kept on what matters commercially. Commercial does not mean not paying attention to detail, it does mean analysing the detail and working on what is important.


At the heart of any transaction is its financing which may come from the public purse, from lenders or from equity investors or a mixture. Different agendas must be managed be they to secure healthcare delivery or revenue returns. I have worked on transactions financed in a variety of ways from very different sources.


I have advised boards and governments on the strategy of their healthcare plans and on specific deals. This from the point of the legal and commercials structures needed to get things done. I have been able to base my advice on many years’ appreciation of what markets expect (not just what they want) and on the parameters within which governments and other public bodies must operate.



Much of the work completed to date has involved working with teams of professionals from various disciplines. Together, we have brought a positive and sensible approach which is essential for efficient and effective working.

We work with a wide range of firms, and indeed we have worked with many of the leading players in the financial and technical consultancy sector.


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