The Christie Clinic

Case Study

The Christie Clinic

The Christie NHSFT decided to expand its private patient activities to increase revenues for its mainstream NHS services. It decided that in order to do this effectively it should partner with a private hospital provider so as to have access to further capital and also to benefit from expertise and cultural differences.

I led the legal team mandated to advise The Christie and take the project to close.

The challenges overcome to create a successful outcome.

Developing a procurement model to encourage and evaluate different types of offering from providers with different business models and ensure value for money and then developing and negotiating a joint venture which aligned the interests of a NHS organisation and a for profit healthcare provider.

We had to address the expectations and concerns of wider groups of stakeholders including clinicians and other staff and create a genuine partnership with appropriate risk and reward sharing.

We put in place appropriate governance consistent with the key objectives and values of both partners and which allowed for change in a dynamic environment. We separated strategic, ethical and day to day business decision making to ensure that those charged with managing risk were able to do so within a coherent strategic and ethical framework.


We made sure that we met all regulatory and vires requirements and mitigated unnecessary taxation burdens.

We addressed transition arrangements in detail to avoid slipping at the first hurdle.

Working as part of the overall Christie team and with financial and other advisers, the key objectives of both parties were achieved and the challenges overcome.

HCA International were selected as partner in a competitive process.

An effective negotiating strategy was developed and constructive approaches enabled complex issues to be solved including employment structures which addressed complex legal issues and the needs and expectations of staff as well as the partners.

The Christie retains control of its brand and has a key role in management and both parties are involved in developing strategy through a Limited Liability Partnership.

The partnership continues to develop and is generating significant revenues for The Christie’s NHS activities. It has been replicated and developed in other successful ventures.